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4 Amazing Reasons to Pick Up a Royal Protection Plan

When you’re in the market for a new car the last thing you probably want to be offered is an upsell in some backroom dealership office. It can be infuriating to be sold to by manipulative salesmen who use high pressure tactics to get a sale. Well in the case of your automobile it is generally common knowledge that repairs can cost hundreds even thousands of dollars. With a Royal Protection Plan you are protecting your vehicles most important components, which can of course break down over repeated use. This is more than enough of a reason to consider investing in the integrity of your vehicles components.

Reason 1: An Extended Service Plan Protects Against Random Repair Bills

This is obvious knowledge but parts and labor cost money to supply. You can pay for the parts yourself of course, but do you really want to try to leave something like the labor as a DYI project? This is the first reason you might want to consider adding the extended package to your list of must have qualities in a vehicle. You are saving yourself a lot of frustration later down the road. Older cars are especially notorious for needing parts that are much more expensive due to the car depreciating over time.

Reason 2: An Extended Warranty Plan May Offer Services Not Under the Manufacturer’s Warranty

Even if you do decide to go in on that backroom upsell and get the manufacturer’s warranty you may not be covered for everything. Therefore, you need to get some backup protection to make sure all your parts are covered.

Royal Protection Plan

Reason 3: Royal Protection Allows Customers to Choose Their Own Vehicle Repair Shops

Some warranties will only allow a customer access to certain repair shops and not others. Royal Protection is different and will never bother you with limitations like that. You are free to choose whichever repair shop you feel is best for your vehicle. We will simply cover the cost of the service based on what service plan you enroll in.

Reason 4: Repair Perks While You Wait for Your Vehicle

You don’t have to worry about expensive towing bills that mount up more charges. Also in addition to this, you can still get around to your destinations. Why not switch from worrying about when the repairs are going to get done and start enjoying a free rental car until your repairs are done? Just so long as your vehicle qualifies as being what they refer to as “mechanical failure” you should have no problem being reimbursed for towing and driving a rental car temporarily.

Concluding Thoughts on Protection Plans

When you get down to brass tacks the best way to avoid costly repairs to your vehicle is to purchase an extended warranty plan. This is how you stay ahead of the rising costs of parts that are much higher as a car gets older. You will be much better off with a lot of coverage options so investing in a higher level of coverage may be best for you.