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The Rise of Piracy

As the internet has expanded and become something that everyone has in their household, file sharing sites and programs have become far more mainstream.  These are sites and programs that allow you to download shared media and application files so that you can use them on your own computer or device.  The most well-known way to share files is through what are called torrents.  Torrents basically allow you to download large files that are being shared by multiple online users.  Because multiple users are sharing the files, they are typically relatively quick downloads, even if they happen to be large files.

There are a number of different websites that allow you to download torrent files, and these websites provide torrents for music, movies, video games, and much, much more.  People have found these websites and torrent clients incredibly useful when it comes to getting their hands on different media and data files so that they can use them themselves.  There certainly is an issue of copyright claims, but because the community that is sharing all of these files is so large, it has become nearly impossible for these copyright laws to be enforced on a large scale.  Basically, the more data and information that people have been able to get access to, the more prevalent software and media piracy has become.

Some believe this to be a bad thing because the producers of this media do not get paid for the files that are being shared.  However, neither software or media companies have seen any major drop offs in their profits due to the expansion of online piracy, and that is probably because most people who really like a specific digital product are still willing to pay for it even if they could possibly find a free copy.