Home will be where the heart stays when you invest in artra

It is every family’s dream to own their own home some day. Many people never achieve this fundamental dream in their lifetimes. It is not their fault. No matter how hard they worked, socio-economic and geo-political factors always seemed to hold them back. In socialist-oriented countries in the past, savings was discouraged in the belief that the state would always provide. While it did up to a point, the proverbial provision of a roof over one’s head was unsatisfactory in the extreme. Buildings, in the main, were poorly constructed.

In other parts of the world where a capitalist or market focused economy was the priority, many people were more fortunate. They had the advantage of urban sprawl. There were always acres of space to design, develop and build the typical dream family home comprised of the standard three bedrooms. Today, much of that space has been taken up and when a gap to buy opens up, property prices are unfairly priced too high. Younger families or individuals have found it much more convenient and prudent to move into the cities.


If they did not buy their own apartments, they could at least rent it. Southeast Asia continues to amaze the rest of the world. Living standards continue to improve and many people are moving into career focused jobs. If they are not doing that, they are starting up their own businesses. This means that they all have capital to invest in their own sparkling homes. Because space is such a premium in one of the world’s best developed economic hubs, the focus has been on providing home lovers with apartment-styled amenities.

There is not much available space to build sprawling three bed roomed homes in Singapore. So since the country’s independence, and to compensate, the focus has always been on providing the city’s residents with apartment complexes. There are quite a few remnants of the old colonial order left. These remain pleasing to the eye and it is thanks to the city’s collective views on preserving their rich heritage. It is also pleasing to see just how well modern sky-rise developments such as the latest artra residential complexes coalesce well with older developments.

It is a perfect case of mixing the old with the new. New developments continue to blend old colonial features as well as ongoing cultural elements of the city-state’s multicultural legacy with its new, modern and sometimes even futuristic features. These twenty first century architectural and construction features resonate with the need to be sustainable and as environmentally purposeful as possible. It is the way of the future and all and sundry in Singapore have come to realize this. In fact, you could just say that they have been aware of this for many years already.

Past visitors can never stop talking wonderingly about just how clean all of the city’s streets and pavements were. They remain so to this day.